SAFETYCOMPLY – Our WHS Compliance Auditing Tool for the Mining Industry

What we do

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Taits Consulting specialises in providing guidance and counsel across safety management, business improvement and change management projects.


Safety Management

Taits Consulting is a safety change agent.  We are passionate about changing everyday behaviour and thought patterns to prioritise safety and embed safe work practices.

With our ‘safety first’ mentality, we work alongside our mining and supply chain clients to deliver improvements across the entire mine lifecycle. Our safety solutions will help you manage your risk leading to business enhancement, productivity and profit generation.


Business Improvement

Taits Consulting has in-depth industry knowledge and experience to deliver improvements in productivity, to streamline processes, and generate profit.

Our services include:


Change Management

Taits Consulting has a proven reputation in change management. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their business challenges. We use our leadership skills to successfully identify, implement and champion the rewards of positive change. 

Our services include: