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NEW! SafetyComply – WHS Mining Regulations auditing tool

New SafetyComply Auditing Tool

Today we are launching our WHS compliance auditing tool for the Western Australian mining industry – SafetyComply. 

We are regularly asked by clients how do they ensure they are compliant with the WHS Mining Regulations 2022? 

Taits Consulting have always taken the approach keep safety simple, and therefore investigated and developed an auditing tool for organisations working in the WA mining industry that assists them to understand the requirements and audit their business against the WHS Mines Regulations 2022. 

SafetyComply eliminates the need for developing your own audit tool. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and is available in a familiar Excel format, making it convenient for busy safety professionals or statutory position holders. The tool is customisable, allowing organisations to audit specific WHS requirements as required. 

Another key benefit of SafetyComply is the ability to find the regulations you are looking for easily and quickly. A simple keyword search is one of the quickest ways to find the respective regulations you are looking for.

To find out how to easily get started with SafetyComply, please get in touch to find out how the auditing tool can be customised to your specific WHS requirements. Alternatively visit for more information. 

SafetyComply WHS Auditing Tool

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